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Day 20: Competition at The Haverford School

No matter what the topic is there is always competition and arguing at The Haverford School. I was sitting in the library doing work yesterday when I started arguing with a fellow sixth former about colleges. SAT scores, GPA’s, and extra curriculars were thrown into the conversation. Of course everything was friendly but it got pretty heated. Forbes College Rankings does a great job of ranking colleges by what alumni from each school go on to do. For example Harvard is 6th on the Forbes list but 1 on most of the other lists. Anyways long story short, I won the argument. I think that is a pretty good last journal entry.


Day 19: Winter

Not really much to talk about except the cold weather. With cold weather come jackets and scarf and bad hair days. Up until about a year ago I always buzzed my own hair. I didn’t really care how it looked. I never grew my hair out until last year. I grew my hair to try something different and I’ve been wearing it long ever since. I comb it over, and sometimes it annoys me but overall I like it. In the winter the wind blows and my hair gets messed up. I don’t like wearing jackets and scarfs and sweaters, but I guess I have to.

Day 18: Sixers

21 games into the season the Sixers are 12-9. They are four games out of first place in the Atlantic Division. Even though they are missing their star player Andrew Bynum, other players are picking up the slack. Jrue Holiday is playing great basketball and leading his team to victories. Thad Young is getting the rebounds he needs and playing up to his contract. Even though the Sixers are in second place they are still not a solid consistent team. Every night is up in the air. In the beginning of the season they lost to the Pistons who had the worst record in the NBA and then the second time around the Sixers beat them. Sixers can beat teams like the Celtics who are lead by Rajon Ronda, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce  but they cannot beat the Cavaliers or the Hornets for example. In order for the Sixers to go deep in the playoffs they need to be a consistent team which means they need a big man. Andrew Bynum needs to come back and play with the Sixers and then the team may be able to be consistent. Maybe he comes back and does not play well with the team. It looks like Philadelphia is missing the Andre Iguodala.

Day 17: Guernica


Today’s entry is also about a painting. Picasso painted “Guernica” in 1937. Guernica was bombed by the Germans during the Spanish Civil war and everything in the city was completely obliterated. This painting is extremely abstract. Many different animals, and objects are shown in this painting and at first it does not seem to make sense. On the left of the painting there is a women crying as she is holding what could possibly be her baby. The lighting is also abstract. In the top of the painting there is a light bulb which should be lighting the whole painting but the painting is still dark.  The darkness shows the sadness and grief after the bombing. I do not interpret art, I just like looking at the painting.

Day 16: Hockney


Today’s journal entry is about a piece of art. It was first shown to me as a sophomore by the great Brett Boham as a warm up for class. The way I see it is completely different that everybody else. I see it as no matter what happens, it doesn’t matter who did it, the only thing that matter is the outcome. The diver is not shown but the splash is shown. The person completing the act is not shown because Hockney believes that he does not matter but the act itself matters. If somebody finds a cure for cancer, yes he will be famous, but the cure of cancer is bigger than the person itself because now millions of people will be saved. Anyways that’s all for today.

Day 15: Dreams

Dreams are a weird thing. Different people interpret them differently and everyone has them. Some people say that there are what you think of intensely before you go to bed and other people think that they are completely random. I am more on the side of people who believe that they are what you think of before you go to sleep. More example, last night I was thinking about getting into Emory College and going there. If I get in I would play soccer and my dream was about soccer. Before I go to bed many different thoughts go through my head ranging from grades to cars. So I had this dream about playing soccer and it involved kids at our school but I was playing for Emory, anyways I made the winning goal with a throw in and the other team refused it, but it ended up being counted as a goal and we won the championship game. Dreams are weird.

Day 14: Cool Website

Last night instead of spending all my time and energy doing homework I decided to browse the internet a little bit. I was on the usual websites, ESPN, Facebook, Valetmag, and Uncrate when I saw a new website. The URL is Its a music website that plays randoms songs based on the setting its on. There is a bar on the website that can be dragged from one side of the music spectrum to the other and according to where the bar is, a song is played relating to the section of music. On the left side is rage and on the right side is chill. The user can move the bar and every time he does the song changes. There are no commercials like Pandora for example, and its an awesome way to listen to new music. That’s all for today.