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Day 18: Sixers

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21 games into the season the Sixers are 12-9. They are four games out of first place in the Atlantic Division. Even though they are missing their star player Andrew Bynum, other players are picking up the slack. Jrue Holiday is playing great basketball and leading his team to victories. Thad Young is getting the rebounds he needs and playing up to his contract. Even though the Sixers are in second place they are still not a solid consistent team. Every night is up in the air. In the beginning of the season they lost to the Pistons who had the worst record in the NBA and then the second time around the Sixers beat them. Sixers can beat teams like the Celtics who are lead by Rajon Ronda, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce  but they cannot beat the Cavaliers or the Hornets for example. In order for the Sixers to go deep in the playoffs they need to be a consistent team which means they need a big man. Andrew Bynum needs to come back and play with the Sixers and then the team may be able to be consistent. Maybe he comes back and does not play well with the team. It looks like Philadelphia is missing the Andre Iguodala.


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