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Day 13: Clothing

After school today I was browsing around the Internet trying to find a pair of jeans or chinos to buy for Christmas. All my hard work at school deserves a nice present for Christmas. Anyways as I was looking around the Internet at classic companies like Levi’s,  BLK DNM, Left Field, and Sugarcube to see what I liked. I already have a pair of selvedge denim jeans that wear in as I wear them. Most people don’t know what they do or how they work so I will explain. Selvedge denim jeans feel like cardboard when you buy them. They are extremely rough and uncomfortable, but it gets better. The more you wear the jean the more it opens up and fades where it wrinkles. The jeans discolors wherever it wrinkles and leaves marks in specific spots from wear and tear. Its a personalized jean that last for years and molds to your legs. The wrinkles and discolors happen in different spots for different people because everyone has a different body. Oh, one more thing; they aren’t suppose to be washed from anywhere between six months to a year. When you buy random jeans from Macy’s, Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, or American Eagle the jeans are already washed many times which causes discoloration. In the selvedge denim case they are not washed and are pure raw denim and that is why there is a rise in price, a significant rise. I have been breaking in a pair of Blacksmith Denim jeans since July and they are beginning to wrinkle and fade which is awesome. But I want a new pair of chinos, tweed chinos. They look awesome and are awesome but they are extremely expensive. I found a pair of Japanese Tweed Tailored Chinos, from Left Field NYC, and they are extremely well made and would last me my whole life, but they are also 275$. I’m in a tough position because I want these pants but I also want to buy an iPad mini for my dad for Christmas. He brought up the idea of having one last week and I know he would enjoy it. As a kid I never really got presents, my parents always used to give me money the older I got and I am extremely thankful for their acts of kindness but if I received a gift it would of meant more to me even if wasn’t even close to the amount of money they gave me. Money gets spent on small things that I forget, but a present will last forever. For example, if my dad bought me these chinos for Christmas they would mean alot more to me, or if my brother brought them for example. If not asking for them to do it because that ruins the whole purpose, small gifts have meaning to me. Small acts of kindness affect my life greatly. For my brother’s graduation my parents bought him a Rolex and I bought him a Mont Blanc pen. For a high school graduate these two things helps symbolize becoming a man. The only difference between my gift and my parents’ gift is that I did not tell my brother about the present. I brought it to his graduation and handed it to him after he received his diploma. My parents went with my brother and picked out the watch. To me a surprise would of went more than picking out my present. I am not worried about getting a watch or a pen but am doubtful that I will get either. I ranted on and on today about basically fashion but hey, it happens to the best of us.


Day 12: Fords Basketball

Tonight marked the first night of many theme nights for the Fords basketball home games. It was Cowboy night. Over half of the student body came dressed up as cowboys with their hats, flannels, jeans and boots; even the Upper School head. The Fords basketball team played a mature Abington Friends Team that did not miss one free throw (and I am not exaggerating). The first quarter was a terrible start for the Fords, they were missing lay-ups, not making foul shots, and playing terrible defense. The whole game the Fords were down until an impressive 21 point fourth quarter that helped then win by two with less than 5 seconds left. When the players were asked what they thought helped them with, they responded with, “the cheering by the students”. I talked to a friends of mine after the game and he said he could barely hear his teammates on the court because the gym was so loud. The Fords basketball team is 2-0 and plays St. Benedict’s on Sunday night at 8 PM at Philadelphia University. St. Benedict’s is ranked as a top 10 team in the nation, and hopefully the Fords will pull the upset.

Day 11: Fools

So last night, I decided to go to the Theatre III play Fools. Before seeing the teaser that day in school I was excited to see the show, it seemed comedic and interesting. However when I saw the teaser I shied away from it because it looked horrible. The jokes were not funny and the acting was sub par. However since my good friends were in the show I decided to go and see it anyways, and to say the least I was surprised. Something happened between the morning performance and the evening performance and the show came together. The evening performance had me laughing almost the whole time. The rest of audience was laughing as well which made me happy for my friends. All their hard work and stress is slowly being relieved as time goes on because tonight is their last performance. Great job to the Theatre III guys and break a leg tonight!

Day 10: Haverford School Camaraderie

To an outsider, The Haverford School is a place where everyone is tough on each other and academics are the number one priority. Well to an extent that is true, but the best thing at Haverford that people do not know is the camaraderie amongst the students. First off, everyone knows everyones and there is never a time when someone cannot find help. Everyone is kind, passionate, and caring. Two examples come to mind when I think of this idea. Today during Peer Counseling, a program at Haverford that lets boys open up to each other and talk about their problems, all boys came together as a group to help one and another in reaching another place. That does not only happen in an academic setting, but also in an athletic setting. Today during the basketball game, boys from all grades showed up to cheer on our team as a we took a decisive victory over Shipley. What I am trying to get at here is that relationships matter more than anything in this world and I am glad that I have finally understood that.

Day 9: Photography

Today’s post is a picture.

Economou Portfolio-Cover

This is the cover of my portfolio of photographs. Photography is a hobby of mine and it takes up a good amount of my time.

Day 8: Food

Well there is nothing really for me to write today and I guess I will just have to get used to that. I woke up this morning with one goal. I have been wanting to loose ten pounds for about two months now and I never have the will power to stop eating junk and loose the weight. What gets me is the late night eating. After about 8 o’clock I start getting extremely bored no matter how much homework I have and the only way to fix the problem is by taking a trip down to the kitchen and grabbing a bite to eat. Well these bites to eat add up and have added up to about 10 pounds. Anyways I am sitting here after track practice tired and bored thinking about what I will snack on, but tonight is different because I will try not to eat anything and work towards losing the weight.  That’s all for now.

Day: 7 Sun Day

Today I had a basketball game in Egg Harbor. I play for my church in Upper Darby and we are in a league that involves teams from all over the tri-state area. Every time I check the schedule and see that we are playing at the same place as the Egg Harbor girls I get butterflies in my stomach. This is awkward for me to talk about because I usually don’t like expressing feelings but here goes nothing. So there’s this girl on their basketball team that is not necessarily the “hottest”, or the one with the most attractive body but she is the cutest. The way she smiles and the way she laughs makes me laugh and smile. The things she says are always rational and completely make sense to me. Her way of thinking has zero flaws. OK, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit but she is a cool girl. At first she told me that I was scary to her. My actions and demeanor scared her away from me because I looked like a bad Philly boy, which makes no sense considering I go to a private school and am no where near bad. Anyways things never worked out between us because well if I knew the because I would fix it and things would work out. But nevertheless I still get excited every time I get the chance to see her.